Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Intermittent and Inert

Over the holidays/my vacation time (except for the bits where I had reports to run) I had large chunks of unfettered time. But, even though I could sparingly visualize "doing things" and "getting things done" I couldn't seem to do or get done.

I hate that I peter out. I hate that after a few minutes of moving clutter and tossing trash, I need a break and then seem to never come back to the activity.

Some of it is age and lack of energy. Some of it is chronic pain sapping my will. Some of it is just the recalcitrant part of me that just won't do what I should. 

I wish I could overcome this. I know I would feel so much happier with a clean and organized living space. All three of us would benefit from space and air and clean. 

But it eludes me.