Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can I Be Serious?

No, not really. I can be cranky, wry, sarcastic, whimsical and bitchy. Only occasionally am I ever serious. Right now, I wish I was feeling enough passion or inspiration to blog about the health care reform debate. Trust me, it's in there. I cringe each time I see one of these "ads" that hint at death panels, higher taxes, or rationing. I cheer when I see the ads that talk about a need for reform, a need for all Americans to have health coverage.

I just don't feel I have a serious new thought to add to the debate. Then again, I'm currently watching John McCain's town hall in Arizona. The biddies and coots in this audience and their stupid, uninformed questions are making me crazy.

One reasonable woman stood up and suggested these argumentative oldsters give up their Medicare if they don't like the idea of a government run health care program. They sort of seemed stunned after that.


Most of the day has gone without me finishing this blog. I have lots of deadlines (here I am being serious) for work projects, volunteer projects, things my child needs me to do and suddenly I felt like my insides would jitter to the outside. I have spent a chunk of the day just sitting and reading to quell the fearful feelings. Better now, will leave this as is.

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