Friday, August 7, 2009

Spreadsheets and Prospace and Powerpoint, oh my

It's actually hard to describe my job without actually making you do it. Though that's a great idea, here everyone, grab a spreadsheet, go to town.But I feel the need to express again the sheer tedium that being a sales analyst presents.

I work from home, which sounds great, and is in a way but also causes me to lose focus, most minutes and fail to act as quickly as I should, causing lots of last minute panic.

I realize I'm being tedious talking about my tedious job. Every day, I have at least eight spreadsheets, one or two Word files, up to three online databases, and perhaps a PowerPoint open switching back and forth working on the info. None of the information is interesting. NONE OF IT! Even if we have an uptick in sales, it's not interesting. It just is.

Seriously, it was all I could do not to burst into tears this morning when my boss called and said blithely, "Do we have Prospace set up for Ultracare?" I know that question just sounds like nonsense from the outside but in here it means have I completed hours of work in the stupid, clunky CAD program that helps you design shelving units for stores. More specifically have I ever done this for KMart. No, I haven't. I've never been asked to and it's not something I can just one-off in a thrice. It takes hours. It's tedious. Lots of little boxes have to be created with specific measurements, labeled and put into a bigger box. Blergh.

Prospace is like the worst computer game ever. Unless you find trying to fit small rectangles into a bigger rectangle that looks like a pegboard fascinating. It's a CAD program, and eight months passed between the time I had the training and I first needed to use it and I'm frankly incompetent. So it makes me nuts.

My job finally comes down to, people above me asking for me to retrieve information, put it in a usable, friendly form (that hopefully makes it say what they want) and distribute. My degree is in painting and ceramics. Does this sound like a good fit for me? Bonus points if you answer correctly.

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