Friday, August 14, 2009

Titles are Esoteric

I read other blogs. Then I feel inferior, even though a blog is supposed to be a sort of diary and thus not required to be funny or clever, I want mine to be funny AND clever. How can you be funny but not clever, you can make fart jokes. People laugh (perhaps uncomfortably, but still laugh) but those aren't clever. Just like on Twitter when I feel some pressure to toss off bon mots, I feel that those who bother to read this blog (so far mostly my husband) should have a few funny tears at the corners of their eyes.

Too much to ask? Probably. My degree is in painting and ceramics - nope, not really funny, though perhaps clever on a good day. My job is as a sales analyst - only if you find tedium rip-roaring hilarious. I have previously mentioned husband and a seven-year-old son, both of whom do sometimes provide me with funny anecdotes and witty quips. But not nearly enough.

I'm feeling whiny. Maybe I just have a headache approaching, but really I want people to like me. Well, not like me, like what I write, tell others how they should read what I write. Follow my blog for Camptown's sake (my neurotic cat, just felt like throwing her in there) or at least comment on it so I know someone is reading it.

Pretend I just wrote something clever, whimsical and amusing. Cause if I have to come up with something right now it will involve bitching about the rightwing asshats who are messing up our country's chance to have health care reform helped out by the blue dog Democrats and the badly written bills. The only whimsy in my life is that my home office (only place I work) has a floor coated with neat rows of Legos, Hot Wheels, Pokemon and Happy Meal toys.

And now, instead of continuing this rambling husband and I have to go pick up our van at Best Buy because they can't really determine why the Kia dealership blames our stereo for the power problems. BB figures it's the satellite adapter part of the car stereo but doesn't know how to fix or replace right now. Only suggestion is, "take the van and see if the problem happens again since we disconnected sat adapter." Great, we get the van back. It still might die in our driveway AND no Sirius radio on it. Blergh.

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  1. Hi Andee,
    OK, I'll admit it. I've read your blog and laughed out loud! I think you have a gift for writing. Even though I don't agree with some of what you write, I enjoy reading it. I like to hear how others with opposing views feel about certain issues and I wish I had your passion to speak out about what I believe. For some reason, I just sit back and quietly observe both sides. I don't feel it necessary to name-call no matter how much I disagree with someone...but, I take it to the other extreme and say nothing. Maybe your blog will give me the courage to start speaking up for what I believe.
    So, anyway, your blog is great. Thanks for sharing.
    Sarah S.