Monday, August 24, 2009

Squinting Into Another Sunny Day

I like waking up to grey skies. I love an overcast, crispy-temperatured day. I feel like kicking puppies when it's this sunny and potentially hot and humid. I will throttle the next person who says brightly to me, "Isn't this great weather?" No, it isn't. And, you Miss Pollyanna can stand behind me sponging sweat off my neck since you love it so much.

Picked up the son today from school. The incredibly short walk from car to gym (where they have the children sit in the enclosed heat, as opposed to the open heat) had my nape soaked and upper lip cascading. This isn't even a particularly hot day, but the sun was really baking me good.

So, yes, I obsessively watch The Weather channel looking as far forward as they want to tell me, hoping to spy a cold front, or some rain, or anything that isn't one of those mockingly happy little suns under a high temperature. And, I count down the days until Halloween, usually assured that by then, the crispiness will have returned to the air, and even if there's sun, it will be slanted in a warm autumn way, not the Easy Bake Andee way it is now.

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