Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cue Plague of Frogs

I took an actual walk this morning. For exercise, with music in my ears, in the sun, through the neighborhood, before noon. All of you really should be looking for the ground to open up or rivers run with blood. It had been so long since I walked that the gravel pathway I used to take through the park is now paved.

I actually enjoy walking for exercise, head clearing, musing. It's the forcing myself out the door, knowing the temperature isn't what I want (really needs to be below 65 and it wasn't today), finding my headphones, justifying the time that keeps me from it. When I was younger, walking was always my fallback exercise. But, not long after I had my son (almost eight years ago) my right knee started making walking a small misery. Soon, it wasn't my form of exercise, going to Curves was. I've had my knee replaced and walked some since then (January 2007) but not regularly. I think I'm afraid to say out loud or even loudly to myself "I should walk daily or at least every other day" for fear my lack of commitment will undermine what little morale I have.

But I took a walk. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, I'll do it again.

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