Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I think my brain is shrinking

I'm feeling incompetent. Really, uselessly incompetent. I'm supposed to be working on the school directory and by that I mean taking all the badly formatted raw data and shove it into better formatted data that can be verified. But I'm moving slowly as this is volunteer and NOT my job and my job keeps interfering. So the PTO president is getting shrill and I'm feeling bad, but can't move any faster. Oh, and I need to blog about it, taking even more time.

I also have at least five work projects that I'm ignoring, though I did just call a Walmart in Louisiana to find out why they had none of our products in-store even though they are supposed to. After a lengthy time on hold and a department manager with a seriously snarky tone, I was told they were having a store remodel. Really? If SHE was competent that would have been the answer immediately. Something's fishy about that, but I don't care enough to pursue. Yes, part of my job is actually calling WalMarts around the country and asking why are stupid vacuum bags and filters either aren't stocked, aren't selling (meaning they haven't bothered to put them out) or aren't being ordered. Blergh.

House is still a mess, laundry still undone, there is something in the crockpot, but I will probably fail to think what veggie to go with it. What goes with gyros? Salad?

I need the sort of vacation where it's easy to get ready for, no one talks to you while there, your mind shuts off...sort of a stasis. Yes, I need to be put in stasis for a few days and just relax. But then I wouldn't be aware I was, so I need an aware stasis, like a pocket of a parallel universe where I can putter and dither about and no one needs me for anything.

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