Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yelling into the Echo-y Void of Stupidity

The country is gone ape shit. No kidding. I mean I think it's an extremely vocal minority, but they are really loud. I get that an individual might not like particular parts of a health care reform bill - to be honest, at this point their are 4 or 5 bills floating about, all really long, full of that bullshit billspeak making it all too complicated. I don't find them tenable either.

Here's what I would like a bill to say:

1) Insurance companies are no longer allowed to exclude someone based on pre-existing conditions.
2) No person can be dropped from their insurance for any reason except non-payment of premiums.
3) Government panel to be established to set limits on insurance costs, everything from what we pay insurance companies, to what they pay out
4)Doctors will get to decide what care patients need. They can be sensible but if they say a patient needs a particular test or drug, the patient gets it.
5)One of the insurance plans people can pay for will be a government option similar to Medicare.
6)To make sure there are enough doctors to go around, med school will be paid on scholarship so long as the applicant qualifies to get into med school, works hard, AND agrees to spend a period of time serving an under-served community.
7)Community clinics will be established where health care is lacking so people choose where to go for preventative checkups, etc. by proximity
8) Insurance companies will be governed by further regulations (going back to the ones in place in the late 70s, I'm not going into detail)

Can't think of anything else except, of course, I would prefer single-payer. After WWII everyone in the UK was given a pamphlet telling them about their National Health Service. I'm sure there was bickering and fear at the time, but it was settled. Here you go, people, stop in when you need some health care.

If we can't have that, at least we can make sure the uninsured get insured, the under-insured get something better and the rest of us (me, for instance) have some kind of insurance always waiting when we lose jobs, change jobs or just decide that we can make enough money selling crafts that we don't need the kind of job that involves health insurance.

I have kept a job I don't love for many years (several jobs, actually, none of which I would call my true calling) just so we can have benefits. My husband is better equipped to earn money without that sort of job so I keep one. But I would love to know that if I found a way to make enough money with my artwork, I could do that while still seeing doctors and getting lab tests to keep me healthy.

Meanwhile, these jacked up lunatics are screaming about death panels, dead grandmothers, the government turning into the Soviet Union. Are you listening to yourselves? I know you aren't listening to logic, reason, or intelligent people. You just let the TV crazies tell you what to think, feed your fears and train you to be a good little army of idiots.

And, I'm smart enough to realize that most of you (probably all of you) yelling so loudly are really just trying to find that one talking point or action that will make the scary, black President go away. You have a fight on your hands. He's not going anywhere and there lots of people like me to make sure of it.

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